How to Play the Blues: Guitar Lesson on 12 Bar Blues Progression in E

Hey guys,
In this guitar lesson, John Maclennan will teach you a basic blues riff that every aspiring blues player must know. It´s basically a 12 bar blues progression where instead of playing full chords we just play single note lines.
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Hey, how’s it going everybody?
This is John McClennan and I’m here
today with, bringing
you this video blog. Today we’re going
to look at a little bit of a blues,
rock-a-billy kind of bass line and it’s
great to play base lines on guitar and
it’s really fun to do. It’s really cool
to hear it. If two guitar players are
playing and you’re playing chords for a
while and then you jump to playing a base
line, totally different feel. So let’s
check this out.

One of the things you can work on with
this as an exercise is alternate picking.
And what that means, with the right hand
is you do a downstroke and then an upstroke.
So here we go. We’re going to start on E,
twice on there, 4th fret, and then open A.
That’s one, two; one, two. So that’s our
basic figure over the one chord here.

Then you go to the A string, same thing.
Back to the E. And now we’re going to go
to our five chord, the D chord and you’re
going to play… So it is 2nd, 4th, 5th,
4th, 2nd, open, 4th, 2nd and now I like
this walking back up. What I did there
was basically open E, 4th fret, open A,
1st fret, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, leading
into — you can either go here or you
can drop down. And start over again

Again, be sure to click the link below
for the tabs for this and we’ll see you
in the next video. Thanks so much for watching.

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