Learn How to Play a Cool and Easy Blues Guitar Lick

Learn How to Play a Cool and Easy Blues Guitar Lick

Hey, how’s it going? It’s Claude Johnson from Guitar Control
and today I’d like to show you yet another blues lick. So
here is the lick of the day. Once again.

With this lick you could actually speed this up; you can
extend it. If we speed it up a little bit… If we add a
couple notes to the end of that lick, I’d do this. You can
do either of those extensions. Accent it even more. That’s
kind of an important lesson right there, as far as like,
you can take a simple lick and then you can add more notes
to it. Or even more notes. You can do all kinds of things.

Let me just show you the basic lick. First part… There’s
your first four notes. This is B pentatonic and I’m doing
10th fret of the B string, 7th, G string 9th, and then back
up. There are you first four notes. And then I want to bend
on the G string 9th, 11th and back. That’s kind of the
shortest version of this. Then I’m going to go down to
the root. Then finally, I’ll go back up to the G string
9th fret and just go down.

Then if I want to extend that I’m going to keep walking
down the scale and then back up. And then here’s the tricky
part. Deaden the A string. And then back to the root or I
could go to the 7th. Oops. You can do that one, too.
All kinds of cool licks.

This first part kind of reminds me a little bit of a Santana feel.
Of course when I slow it down like that, it sounds more like Jimi.
Have fun with that lick.

Definitely try to create your own versions and if you want
more tips on how to spin-up your licks and just lead guitar
and expression in general, check-out my best-selling course,
“Killer Guitar Control Secrets” at guitarcontrol.com/secrets.
Check it out. Take care.


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