Easy Killer Power Chord Foo Fighters Lesson

In this free guitar lesson Matias Rengel teaches a Easy Killer Power Chord Lesson on how to play Everlong by Foo Fighters alternative power chord riff lesson. Learning alternative chord voicing is very beneficial to your guitar playing. If you really want to dig into chords and rhythm then check out Matias’s course by clicking the link below.

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Hey this is Matias Rengal with Guitar Control and today you’re gonna be learning an Easy Killer Power Chord Lesson on the song Ever Long by Foo Fighters. If you have any questions or comments leave it down below and remember to click the link in the description to get the tabs. Let’s get down to it.


Alright so this is a really really cool Easy Killer Power Chord Lesson and song by the Foo Fighters and we’re going to be checking out the three different sections; the verse, pre-chorus and chorus. Now something very important that you need to know is that you dropped your sixth string okay that means that originally be an E, but you have to lower E to D. Okay so grab your tuner and start lowering the tune of your sixth string until it says D it should sound the same as this one but lower.

Power Chord

So for the first verse, the main riff, that it’s mostly the riff that you know, the most iconic riff of the song and you’re gonna be placing your index finger on the ninth fret of the fifth string and your ring finger on the 11th fret of the 4th string, the sixth string is gonna remain open. Okay and it’s gonna sound literally like this, let’s forget about it, just don’t worry about the rhythm right now and let’s just check out the chords. Okay now for the next grab your index finger and bring it up to the sixth string so you’re covering the six on the fifth at the same time so you end up with the index finger of the ninth ahead of their six and fifth string and the ring finger on the 11th fret.

Now you’re gonna grab that same shape and bring it down four frets down, just like that, super simple, super cool. Now for the rhythm what you’re gonna be doing, you want to be dividing the chord into two parts; the lower part and the higher part. What I mean the higher part you’ll be playing all the notes and when we say the load you’re gonna play in just there mostly either the six or the fifth and it’s very important that you see this as a melodic rhythm because if you see it as a melodic rhythm it’s gonna be easy for you to remember it. Check it out so the rhythm goes a little bit like this.

Easy Killer Power Chord Lesson Conclusion

Be sure to watch the video and follow along with the tabs for this Easy Killer Power Chord Lesson on the modern classic Everlong By Foo Fighters

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