How to Play Eagles Song Desperado on Acoustic Guitar

Check out How to Play Desperado on Acoustic Guitar: Eagles Song Lesson from Guitar Control instructor Jon MacLennan.



Hey how’s it going? My name is Jon MacLennan and I hope you done fantastic and welcome to this video lesson. I’m here with and we’re doing a video lesson on every single song from the Eagles greatest hits 1971 to 1975 and it’s a lot of fun. These guitar parts and songs are so amazing so be sure to click the link below so you can get the tab that goes along with this video lesson and also don’t forget to hit subscribe so you can stay updated when the videos come in. This time we are learning How to Play Desperado By The Eagles.


This lesson is on a song called Desperado and it’s very piano-driven so it’s a challenge to be able to take the piano part and make it work on guitar. So I’m gonna zoom in and break down each section for you and again the song out of all the songs on the album this one’s probably got the most chords, so you’re really going to want the tab for this, so click that link and let’s zoom in and break it down here we go.

Piano Song On Guitar

So as you know this song is piano-driven and this is one of the cool challenges we have on guitar is trying to convert piano songs to be able to play them on guitar and play similar sounding full voicing’s. So I came up with this quick way of trying to incorporate that melody with the chords and so I came up with this. I play the G with just my thumb on the third fret then I play these three strings and then I play the third fret and then I do this G13 chord, which is a nice chord; it’s thumb on the third, skip a string, third fourth and then you take that pinky off and play third fret, fourth fret, open and then I go to a C chord. I kind of hammer into that second fret and play the third string open and then I go to this three note chord which is like a C minor six. Its third fret, 1st fret, 2nd fret, 1st fret, but I tried try to put the hay as the top note when I’m playing this style of chord melody, I’m bringing out a certain melody note on top, so I have to make sure that that stays as the sort of that dominating like lead singer because it is what I think of you know so it’s real, it’s heard really clear.

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