How To Play Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog

Guitar Control presents How To Play Hound Dog By Elvis Presley – Easy Guitar Song Lesson from instructor Matias Rengel.

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Hey this is Matias Rengal with Guitar Control and today we’re gonna be checking out this awesome song called Hound Dog by Elvis Presley. It’s a very old song, but I think is going to be super useful for you as a beginner to learn new rhythms and to learn new chord shapes. Also it has a very easy riff that you’re gonna be playing and it’s super cool. As usual don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for daily guitar lessons and there’s a link in the description to click on to download the tab and you will be able to follow this How To Play Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog  video, let’s get down to it.

Hound Dog Chords

Alright so the first thing that I would like to get into is the chord progression for Hound Dog by Elvis Presley and let’s see what chords we’re playing and then I’m gonna show you specifically the actual shapes that I’m doing. Okay so it’s a very easy song and we plainly see they were playing a F then we go back to C and then to a G and to the F and finally to the C. It’s actually a blues song almost like a blues progression, but now I know that if you’re watching this video you’re interested in this tune. You probably haven’t really played a lot of songs so you’re just starting out and I think this is a great song for you. So let me show you the chords, I’m going to break them down for you. For the first chord C major you’re going to be placing your index finger on the third fret of the fifth string and then you’re gonna have your middle finger on the second fret of the fourth string, the third string is going to be open and then your index finger will be on the first fret of the second string and the first string will be open as well; ideally you will try to avoid playing the sixth string. Okay now let’s check out the rhythm, let’s forget about any of the other chords and let’s just jump into the rhythm.

Hound Dog Rhythm

So some advice that I can give you for Hound Dog by Elvis Presley is to try to form an arc, your fingers should be a little bit like this… because if you keep them too much like this… you’re gonna be sad, you’re gonna be having issues with playing all the notes, it’s gonna sound like this… you’re gonna try to press harder and it’s not gonna work because your fingers instead of being like this… they should be like this… Okay now for the rhythm you can actually do something very simple. You can just go down and up all the time… you can just keep it like that. Now another way of playing the song is like this… this is huge. Let me break it down for you, it’s super easy, it’s; down down up up down up down down… So you’re gonna play this chord four times with that rhythm that I just showed you.

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