How to Play Triads in A Minor On Guitar

How to Play Triads in A Minor -- Easy Harmony Guitar Lesson

How to Play Triads in A Minor - Easy Harmony Guitar Lesson

How’s it going, guys? This is John McClennan
and I’m here with,
bringing you this video lesson. I want to
show you three positions of playing an A minor triad.

You take your basic chord that you may
know as A minor, like this, and then
we’re going to invert it, meaning going
up to the next possible chord voicing here,
7, 5, 5. So this becomes this. And then inverted
again, 10, 9, 10. And then if I go again,
I’m at the same chord that I started with,
up the octave. So coming back down.
All ways of playing A minor.

Now, what this lesson focuses on is moving
through typical chord progressions using
smooth voice leading, meaning moving from
one chord to another smoothly and all using
the same three shapes you’re going to see here.

Here’s number one. We’re going to go A minor,
to D minor, to A minor, to E, to A minor.
Notice how smooth all those chords move?
Here it is in the next position. And then finally,
in the 9th position.

So practice each one of these. Be sure to click
the link below and just be familiar with
those basic moves. Say A minor, D minor, A minor,
E, A minor. And you want to just get those
shapes under your fingers.

And you will also notice that as we move to
some of the higher voicings, like A minor,
you may be able to relate this to a barre
chord you may know, like this. But it’s just
the inner notes. So remember that the more
advanced guitarist is going to look at the
guitar from all the different possibilities,
not just knowing this as one, but saying hey,

A minor could be just these top three.
It could be here. It could be the middle
strings like this. That’s looking at all the
individual notes rather than just focusing on,
okay, here’s where I put my fingers in this grip.

So check out the link below and we’ll see you
next time. Thanks for watching.

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