How to Play Pretty Young Thing By Michael Jackson

Check out Learn How To Play P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) By Michael Jackson – Easy Guitar Pop Song Lesson from Guitar Control instructor Matias Rengel. With step by step video instruction and the free guitar tabs you will have this classic in your arsenal of tunes in record time.

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Hey this is Matias Rangal with Guitar Control and today you’re gonna be learning PYT by Michael Jackson. As usual there’s the link in the description so you can download the tab and follow along. Alright so let’s get down to it.

Pretty Young Thing Layout

So we’re going to be playing this song in a way that you could sing it and you could just grab an acoustic guitar and just play with it. So let’s start with the chords then after that we’re going to go into the actual rhythm. So the first part we’re going to do, we have a verse, a pre-chorus and a chorus.

It’s not that complicated, but it’s not extremely easy either, but I’m totally sure that you can play it and now you can grab the acoustic guitar or the electric guitar sing along with this song and play the chords. That’s all for today and I hope you enjoy this lesson. It’s a really cool song, go check it out and leave a comment down below with your favorite song by Michael Jackson. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for daily guitar lessons. We have incredible teachers, different topics, anything you’re looking for on guitar you’re probably going to find it on this channel. So hit the subscribe button and that’s it. Thank you so much for watching How to Play Pretty Young Thing By Michael Jackson.

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