Rhythm Guitar Lesson – Fingerpicking Style Version of “Let it Be” by The Beatles – Part 2

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Rhythm Guitar Lesson - Fingerpicking Style Version of  Let it Be by The Beatles - Part 2

video 32

Hi, everyone. This is Darrin Goodman from guitarcontrol.com
bringing you this video lesson today. Today we’re going to do
Part 2 of the pervious lesson on “Let it Be” by the Beatles.
Today we’re going to go over the chorus and the little bridge
that’s before the solo and it’s also the ending of the song.
Be sure to click on the link in the description for the tabs
and let’s get started. For the chorus, the chords that we’ll
be using are A minor, G, F and C.

We’re playing this arrangement with our fingers, just like
the previous one. I’m not going to go into all of the details
about how we pick this, so be sure if you haven’t seen Part 1,
check it out because you’ll learn the intro and the verse and
you’ll learn what we’re going to do here with our right hand.

Starting on A minor, and again, we’re on the 5th string with
our thumb and strings 4, 3 and 2 with our first three fingers.
We have A minor to G, to F, C. C we do twice; back to G. And
then that same thing we did in the verse. That’s F, then you
move your middle finger up to the 2nd fret of the 4th string.
We hit the 4th and 3rd together. Take your middle finger off,
hit the two strings open, to a C. So the whole chorus again.

All right, that leaves the little bridge that is right before
the solo and it’s also how the song ends. So we’re going to
start off with the F and we’re going to hit strings 4, 3, 2
and 1 simultaneously. Then we’re going to move up to the 2nd
fret. So this is just like that part in the verse and in the
chorus; to C. Now we move up and we play the 1st fret of the
5th string and the 4th string open. Then take that finger off
and hit both strings open; to a G, F, C. The whole sequence
once again. You play it twice.

It just goes right into the guitar solo the first
time you hear it and then at the end of the song
it does two choruses in a row and then it does that
little outro and that’s how the song ends.

Be sure to click on the link in the description for
the tabs. I hope you got something out of that today
and until next time…

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