12 Days of Christmas – Day 5 of 12

Here’s another cool lesson from Jimmy Dillon and today we get FUNKY….


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Ho, ho, ho. Santa Claude Johnson back again
with Day 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas.
Jimmy Dillon has another lesson for
you today. Check it out.

Hey there. I’m Jimmy Dillon, back with
some more iconic rock and roll licks. In
this case we’re beyond rock and roll;
we’re into the grand — the godfather of
soul, really, the grandfather of soul,
James Brown, of course. You recognize that
lick. Of course, that’s from the very,
very funky, “I got You”. And of course
he used that 9th chord a lot.
I talk a lot about this in
Eclectic Electric number II.
This is a new product that has just all
kinds of really cool electric guitar stuff.
Eclectic it is; electric is also is, because
it goes all different kinds of places,
gets exotic. It gets rootsy, it gets funky
and this is the funk lesson.

So when you’re playing obviously this is
a great Strat. This is the guitar
that I play the most, my green guitar.
It’s an Eric Clapton Strat. If you’re
playing on an A 9th like this, you’ve
got to have kind of a nice, smooth touch
with the pick. You kind of scratch
the strings like that. It’s all about
the rhythm, isn’t it, on that one? If
you play a little A 9th chord and you
go all the way up to a B, same chord,
same form, you can either go all the
way up to that B or down here. Either
way it resolves so you can get really,
really trippy on that.

Then there’s a little lick that goes…
That’s just working off of the E. You’ve
got a low E, then an octave E, D, B, D, B, D, G.
So there’s that. So if you put
those two together you get the
James Brown feel.

Now I’m going to give you a bonus right now.
You ready? So we’re going to go right from
James Brown to another very funky player,
but in a different way, Jimi Hendrix.

Okay, now that wasn’t note-for-note; it
was my version of it, but you know what
I’m talking about, of course I’m talking
about the “Voodoo Child”. Jimi had the
voodoo. He had the mojo. He had it all.
I saw him in 1968 in Chicago play that
very lick, that song. And as a 15-year-old
boy, I tell you, I had my mind totally blown.
I’d never seen anything like it. And you
know what? I still haven’t seen anything
like it ever since. So we’re going to go
from James Brown right into Jimi Hendrix
and here’s how it goes.

Now, you might call that a little bit of
a mash-up and it’s funny that I mention
that because at the end of all these lessons
I’m doing for you, I’m going to take every one
of these licks that I’ve given you, these
little backyard lessons, and I’m going to
make one song that strings all these things
together. So stick around for that. That’s
going to be at the very end of this give-away.
But come and see us again and, again, I’m really
excited about Eclectic Electric number II. If
you like number I, this one is even better.
We’ll see you later.

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