Some of The Easy Guitar Chords Songs For Beginners

CMC here, peeps, with today’s brief tutorial on EASY GUITAR CHORD SONGS. Well, heck. Never really thought of myself as a tutor but I guess any source that moves you forward, even if it’s just a notch (or a stitch in time) is a tutor, so yes, let’s get on with this brief, Stitch in Time tutorial. Also be sure to check out our much more detailed tutorial on how to learn guitar chords where you can further perfect your skill.

We’ve taken a look at this topic in a few other articles, or guitarticles before but if I’ve learned anything in this life, it’s this: repetition is key. We are all prone to A.D.D., musical or otherwise. Maybe the head bangers have it right- we need to have our heads banged-over and over, like Crimson and Clover, baby! (There’s gotta be a speed metal version of that song, right? If there isn’t, there will be now.)

Yep, we are basically prone to forgetting or disregarding or ignoring, so we need to be told, tutored, what have you-over and over. We need to study religiously.

Check out the Four Chord Song guitar course to learn some of your favorite songs that use only four chords or less.

Four Chord Song Course

Here’s another thing I’ve said over and over: if you want to do something right, if you want to get a lot out of something, you need to invest a lot into it. Practicing for five minutes a day is not going to have you playing like Jimi Hendrix any time soon. (Unless you happen to be some kind of freak-genius.) Yep, that’s right- for most of us “normal” people, we need to set aside some serious amounts of time to get our game on, to step it up, to get in the groove.

But you didn’t come here for all that-you came lookin’ for some EASY GUITAR CHORD SONGS, right? Right, right, you’re bloody well right. You know you’ve got a right to say (or
play in this case.)

Here are a few basic, simple, starter songs I recommend:

1. This old man (paddy-whack) -classic, basic.
2. Venus by Shocking Blue. Simple, easy.
3. Silent Night
4. House of the Rising Sun
5. Hey Joe


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