Tapping Lick in the Style of Eddie Van Halen! Part 1

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Hey guys,

This is Cameron with another cool guitar lesson…

Today he will teach you a cool tapping lick in the style of Eddie!

Hope you enjoy it!



Lead Guitar Lesson – Tapping Guitar Lick in the Style of Eddie Van Halen – Part 1

Hello. This is Cameron Rasmussen for guitarcontrol.wpmudev.host.

So guys, today I’d like to talk about tapping. As we all know,
Eddie Van Halen is the God of tapping. He more or less
invented it, but he definitely popularized it like nobody
else did for the electric guitar. So he is the ultimate guy
to study if you’d like to get into some hard core tapping.

Today I’d like to show you my own lick that I invented for tapping.
A lot of guitar players like to throw-in tapping sometimes sparsely,
but just like single note taps in a scale or thing kind of like this.
And then only adding that one note in a scale or something like
that. It’s cool. It’s a cool lick to add.