How To Be An Ultimate Rock Solid Rhythm Guitar Master

Hi Friend,

I have a personal confession to make…
my rhythm playing is my weak point.
I have been told that many times in the past
but I didn’t care that much because I wanted to play lead.

But after watching Sol’s teach “Blues Master Class”,
I now truly understand that mastering the rhythm actually
makes your lead guitar much, much better.
And now, one of my goals is to be a rock solid rhythm master.

And Blues Master Class is my teacher! Get your copy

Why are Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix two
of the greatest blues guitarists of all time?
Because they had MONSTER rhythm chops.
Those guys are Guitar Gods in my eyes.
I’ve always wanted to play like them.
In fact, that brings me to interesting point.

Have you ever wondered what makes people’s head’s
bop or feet tap when they hear some great sounding blues?
Sol calls it blues grooves.

On the second DVD of Blues Master Class,
Sol starts going deep into grooves and rhythms.

If you want to impress seasoned players,
then you better have a tight blues groove.
That’s the hallmark of a pro…
and Sol’s gonna show you how to get it
into soul and fingers in record time.

I highly suggest you go get your “Blues Master Class”
immediately because the price is going to shoot up in a few days.

Stay tuned!
Claude J.

P.S. I have many MEGA announcements coming on December 8th.
So make sure you open my email next Wednesday.

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