Mini Guitar Lesson of the Week – Fast picking on 2 strings.

Hi Friend,

First of all, happy Father’s Day! Hopefully
you’re enjoying time with your dad or your kids
or both.

Now if you’ve been hoping something *extra* cool will
happen this weekend, you’re in luck.

No, I can’t get the Dixie chicks to show
up at your door with the budweiser
van in tow, ready to party… haha

But at least the Claudester is sending you
something interesting to play on the guitar 🙂

The last couple blog posts I did were for
the beginners, so I figured I’d switch it up
this time and teach you something a bit more

Even if you’re just starting out though,
you can still follow what’s going on,
but maybe play it a bit slower.

Here’s the link:

Also, feel free to comment on it.
If you have ideas to spice up this lick
even further, let me know 🙂

Rock on,


P.S. More “Rock Riffs Made Simple” videos
coming next week.

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