The priest thought this rocked

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Hi Friend,

This is one of the most exciting weeks of my life.

First of all, yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to the
Salvation Army and handing over our check from the Christmas
Charity Promotion.

In case you missed it, we offered a Christmas Guitar
Course for $1 (which I matched) and all the proceeds
went to the Salvation Army.

It was a real treat to hand our jumbo-sized check over to
Pastor Tony Lewis.

He thought the whole promotion absolutely rocked.
Here’s a cool video for you to watch.

Go check it out.

The other amazing thing that’s happening this week is
that we’re filiming an incredible guitarist who’s a
master of “country chicken pickin'” chops.

You’ll love it.

We’ll have more on this soon for ya 🙂

Rock on and have a killer week,

Claude Johnson

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