You snooze, you lose (video)

Hey Friend,

Well, that’s how the saying goes.
“You snooze, you lose”.

*I* snoozed and lost, but
don’t you make the same mistake
as me!

Here’s the story…

See, several months ago I decided
I wanted a new video camera.

So, I gave my old camera to my brother
as a holiday gift. Cool, cool so far, right?

So then, I thought I would get a great
deal on a new camera at a store called
Circuit City.

The local store here actually was going
out of business and hey, why not scoop
one up at a discount price.

Problem was, I waited TOO long. I strolled
into the store on the very last day and
the only thing left on the shelf were
some crappy CDs from some cowboy rap
band I never heard of.

(No, I didn’t buy them, lol)

I should have gone in when the sale first started.

Anyway, so now I don’t have my camera yet and
that sucks because I wanted to film myself soloing
over one of these new blues guitar jam tracks.

Oh well.

Ok, moving on.

I did the next best thing and had my friend Silvio
record a solo. This is just to give you an idea
of the fun stuff you can be jamming on, over the
new tracks.

The video’s up on the blog:

Now, here’s where you need to pay attention.

TOMORROW. (That’s Wednesday), I’m going to be
releasing the entire set of jam tracks.

They’re going to be available at 12 NOON Eastern
Standard Time, AND…

There’s some hot fast-action bonuses for the first
3 people to order.

The third person to order will get a multiwave distortion

The second person to order will get a guitar.

The first person to order will get a pedal, a guitar, AND
a complete set of guitar DVDs.

Last time I did this, the winner beat out the next guy
by 28 seconds or something.

So if you want to win, simply order at 12 noon on the dot.

Also we’ll have a very special early bird price which is
another reason not to snooze and lose out on this one.

I’ll have all the details tomorrow, and the link for you
to order on my blog:

So, be the early bird that gets the worm, don’t snooze
and lose, and you’ll be a happy camper 🙂

And the early bird price is gonna be super affordable too.

So, mark your calendar or put in on your cellphone
or whatever… Wednesday , 12 noon EST is the time
to get the blues jam party started.

Claude Johnson

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