Useful Guitar Tips for Beginners

What’s up fellow guitar enthusiast, this is Darrin Goodman here from bringing you another little guitar lesson. Today I want to share some cool guitar tips for beginners.

When I first started out playing guitar I remember being really frustrated by a lot of things because of noting getting good instruction and explanation. Here are some tips I can share from the last 30 plus years of playing and teaching guitar.

Posture: I’m not talking about when you mom told you to stand up straight, LOL, I am talking about how you hold the guitar. A really bad habit that I see a lot of beginners get into is resting your fretting arm on your leg when playing sitting down. This prevents you from getting full motion of your arm and can make certain things feel impossible to do.

Fretting hand position: Beginners tend to try to hold the neck like they are gripping a baseball bat. By keeping your thumb around the back of the neck and keeping a small space between the neck and the palm of your hand you will have more leverage and mobility in your fingers.

Picking hand position: Beginners tend to try to keep there fretting arm floating above the guitar body which will cause fatigue. By simply resting your forearm on the guitar body and using your wrist for the strumming and picking motion you will have better performance and less fatigue.

Holding the pick: Beginners tend to naturally hold the pick really weird for some reason which causes a lot of problems for them. You want to hold the between your thumb and first finger so that the tip of the pick is at a right angle from your thumb. Be sure to choke up on the pick so that only the tip is exposed.

These are just a few quick tips to help you on your guitar journey. Check out the “Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course” for everything you need to get started right. You can check it out here

Practice on!


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