How To Learn The Guitar: Getting a College Degree vs. Self-Study

Many of us dream of attending school and majoring in guitar, music composition, or music theory. Unfortunately, this can be quite expensive. Unless you have the money to attend a college that offers the high-quality specialized music courses necessary to major in music, you might be resigned to private teachers and the Internet, neither of which will give you the degree you seek.

The good news is, you may be able to pay for your guitar tuition in a few different ways. Fender guitar offers grants. You can find out the details by visiting the Fender website and searching grants. If you qualify, you may be able to get part or all of your guitar tuition paid.

Guitar tuition, or the cost of majoring in a guitar-related field, ranges in price. There are many factors to consider, including which school you plan to attend, how long you will be attending, or what you will be majoring in.

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If you’re not looking for a degree, a private guitar teacher might be the right choice. Guitar tuition through a private teacher is more affordable than through a college, and although you won’t be getting a degree, often you can get the same, or better, education through a private teacher as you can through a college.

Another way to get guitar lessons without having to worry about expensive guitar tuition is to consider volunteering your time at a guitar store that has an instructor. Many guitar stores offer private lessons. You might offer to work a few hours to pay for your guitar tuition. Not only is this is a good way to pay for lessons, hanging around a guitar store can be an invaluable experience for anybody who wants to learn guitar and can’t afford the cost of lessons.

Regardless of how you pursue learning to play guitar, finding funding for your guitar tuition is going to be difficult. What little there is available for the aspiring guitarist is not enough to go around. An alternative, of course, is to forget about guitar tuition altogether and just focus on learning on your own. Unless you absolutely want to pursue a degree related to music or playing guitar, the cost of your lessons doesn’t matter. It’s the experience and the passion that matter, and you can get those on your own without having to worry about finding tuition for a guitar school.

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