Learn how to play guitar

CMC here, folks, peeps, players and wanna be guitar slayers!
So you wanna LEARN HOW TO PLAY GUITAR, huh? Well, you’re in
good hands. Not only Guitar Control.com one of the most rad
web sites out there but I’m no chopped liver, either. Hey, I
might not be Page, Beck, Segovia, Malmsteen or whoever but
guitar has always been a huge love. And even if others know
more than I do, passion counts for ALOT.

And therein is our first lesson. I want to repeat what I’ve
written here before: PASSION is huge. Guitar is a passion
instrument. You know that or you wouldn’t be here. So, the
first thing you might want to consider (at least if you want
to listen to my advice) is this: don’t even bother if you
don’t have a passion for music and more specifically, for
guitar. I know this is cheesy and maybe even sexist, but
isn’t it awesome how closely a guitar resembles a woman’s
body? Not that women can’t get passionate about guitar also
but what other job, hobby, instrument or activity can say
that? So, to re-iterate, if you think of playing guitar is
sort of like accounting, think again.

Here´s a basic thing you have to know first:


Hey, we can all get passionate about MONEY, that’s not what I
meant. What I’m trying to say (and not doing a great job at,
quite yet) is that there is an emotional component to guitar
that is essential. If you aren’t emotional (maybe that’s a
better word) about strumming, plucking, picking those
strings, maybe you ought to think about something else. But
that’s not you or you wouldn’t be here, right? So-if you ARE
passionate, you’re in the right place. There is just
something so amazing about the capacity of a guitar to
express one’s feelings and emotions! There’s not much else in
the world that can transport you like guitar!

Here´s a good guitar lesson that every beginner should take


So, now that you’ve decided that it’s for YOU, that you want
to LEARN HOW TO PLAY GUITAR, here are a couple things:

1. Find a friend to teach you (always good to have a live, inperson
2. Make use of GuitarControl.com. (A great idea but hands-on friends
are always good, since they can see your blind spots and correct them)
3. Combine meeting a friend with using US and any other sites you
might find.

So, hey. That’s a start. Find a good guitar. Find a friend.
You already have us. See you next time for more!

I also want to recommend you our beginner course in DVD:


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