How to Play Black Water

Hey, how’s it going this is Claude Johnson with Guitar Control, I’m here to show you how to play “Black Water” by the Doobie Brothers.

here’s one more sample vid from Ultimate
Guitar Song Collection 3…

This song is in drop D tuning so what that means is that I’ve taken my low E-string and then I’ve tune it down to a low D, so all you do is just tune it down and match it with this D. It let me to play some different chords and different voicing and the reason I’m doing it is because that’s how they’re voicing with songs in the song and the way they play it alright so let’s just take it section by section.

First part is were going on an A minor 7, 2D add 9, first is just a normal a minor 7 chord then you have a D but you’re going to lift off like a D and then you’re going to play all six strings and we’re going to do a real simple riff. To make it a little more interesting the first time you can do this in the 2nd fret of the A- string and then you pull off and then down to the low E-string, you’re kind of sliding from the 2nd of the 3rd fret. The second time around you can also slide on the A-string that’s the main part of the song with the verse; add some lyrics it sounds something like this.

It’s a little bit challenging to sing and play at the same time you’re going around a whole turn of the chords during each measure the vocals. For the second part we’re going to do this A, G add 13 chord remember the low E-string is tuned down, so here on the 5th fret is actually a G we’re going to hit that 5th fret with our ring finger and then first finger gets the 3rd fret of the B-string. So you can strum all the strings except the A-string kind of muting that and then we’ve got this is a BB flat 6 with A sharp 11.

That’s like a major 7 shape and well without this and then we get the high E-string. so first finger on the 1st fret of the A-string and then ring finger on the 3rd fret of the D-string open G and then pinky on the 3rd fret of the B-string and then also high E.

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