Do you know these blues basics?

hi Friend,

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”.

That’s my whacky quote for the day. What
does it have to do with guitar or anything?


I just like being silly.


Listen, I am SOO glad to be with you today
as we connect through cyberspace…. I wanna
share a quick blues video lesson I did.

A few disclaimers… First, I JUST figured
out new settings on my new camera so this
will be the last video with that crappy
yellowish background lol… The next
one will be better.

Also, this video is VERY basic blues stuff.

And I PROMISE, more cooler stuff will be
shown next time — I’m discovering
really cool turnaround stuff.

Check out all the cool stuff on my blog
if you haven’t checked it out in a while:


But, I wanted to get all the newbies up to
speed in da bluz. Dig?

Anyway, I will have another “Sol Philcox”
vid soon next email.

To see what we’ve shown so far, go to


Claude Johnson

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