How to Play 10 Christmas Songs on Guitar

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Hi Friend,

Wow, December is really moving quite along.

One of the cool things about being a guitar
player is when someone asks you, “hey, can
you play such-and-such song…”

Actually its NOT cool if you have to say
“uh no… I don’t know how to play that.”

It IS cool , if you can say “why sure…
It goes a little somethin like this”

And in the holiday season, theres a good
chance someone is gonna want to hear
some Xmas music.

That’s why I’m writing you today – to
tell you to get hooked up with the
“Xmas Guitar Course”.

Best part: It’s only a buck!

Second best part: You learn 10 cool
songs – both easy chord versions and
also chord melody arrangements.

Bonus perk: You’ll be helping out
2 cool charities and you can feel good that
you donated this year to good causes.
You can even brag about it if you want 😉

What can be better?

Go hook yourself up with the Xmas
guitar course RIGHT NOW!


“Santa” Claude Johnson

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