How to Practice Guitar Even With Sore Fingers

Hi Friend,

Have you ever noticed that
we live in a world of excuses?

People are flaky.

We have all these good sounding
reasons why we can’t do things.

But when things don’t get done,
we suffer the consequences.

That’s why I’m making it a point
in my own life, to make sure
I get my guitar practice in
on a daily basis.

Why? Because it’s important to me.

Maybe your fingers are sore from playing
a lot the day before.

You definitely shouldn’t stress your body
and keep playing if you’re in pain.

But what can you do?

Well, one obvious solution is start
practing other things.

If you fingers are shredded from
running through scales, then
switch it up and play some rhythm guitar.

Or, you can focus on right hand
picking technique.

Heck, even if you’re without your guitar,
it’s not an excuse not to practice!

You could try visualizing
where notes, scales, or
patterns are on the fretboard.

You could work on music theory, like
memorizing all the key signatures
and how many sharps or flats they have.

Or maybe counting out rhythms.
That’s another thing you can do.
There’s always options, my friend.

My point is:

“Make a commitment to be consistent.”

That will be a decision that will pay
off in spades.

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