How to Play a Killer Turnaround Over a Blues Shuffle in E

Hey, this is Claude Johnson with Guitar Control, I want to talk about blues turnarounds.

Basic Turnaround Over a Shuffle Blues in E



This is basically if you have a 12 bar blues, the last couple bars where almost literally turning around going back to the top of the progression so it feels like you’re turning around because it feels like the music is resolving in a way to set things up again so if you’re in the key of E, you play a blues start out of this basic shuffle pattern where is the last four bars and then starts the one. Usually the last two bars are considered the turnaround so the last four bars here I have B7 and then I’m going to do this low E string and then high E string then I hit this note it’s the 3rd fret of the B-string which is a D and then what I’m doing is I’m going to walk this note down and alternate that high E5 string. So once again check the link in the video description there’s a link there click it and I’ll get with the tabs for this and you’re going to get also a ton of other amazing lessons with tabs so check it out and make sure to subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

Blues Turnaround Lick Guitar Lesson

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