How to Play Little Walter’s My Babe – Easy Blues Guitar Lesson

In this Guitar Control video lesson Jimmy Dillon, will teach you a little old-time blues, good old time bluesy stuff what kind of folk blues that’s “My Babe” by Little Walter.

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It’s in the key of E, now I wanted to throw in a little bit of Blues in this just to give you a flavor for it this has kind of a Johnny Cash, so that particular strong turn like you’re rocking out an old boxcar you know it’s that kind of rhythm a lot of the stuff with the acoustic blues especially it’s all about feeling it’s hard to it’s not like down, down, up, up, down, down, it’s not it’s not a square like that it’s it swings so the best way for me to show you that is to actually play it and then get to feel it so what happens is you just hold on E cord and now I figured your 1st position chords we wouldn’t be here right and then back to your E.

Now what I did on that particular 7, I take my third finger lift it up and sometimes I put my pinky on the D note of the B-string third fret (optional), I did this out of a couple different ways but you can do like there’s an E chord ad your high G with your pinky on the 3rd fret of the E-string nice voicing back to E. Now what could happen with a song like this a lot of it is in the feel really just the swing of it and the vocals. I know I got a little carried away on that one and this is an easy strumming thing I know but I wanted to throw a couple little spicy things in there because in my acoustic lessons like horses I go into depth and all that stuff so I show you all the awesome sauce that’s in there like that is so simple by the way on that beat cord you can go so when you get your B chord like that it’s really easy to go those little moves you

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