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Born in Milwaukee in 1957, Blues guitarist Michael Burks entered the world with the blues already in his blood. His grandfather played acoustic Delta blues back in Arkansas and his father Frederick was a great bass player.

Michael’s first introduction to the guitar came when he was two years old. He showed such interest that his father immediately began to teach him how to play. At first, since his hands were so small, he started to emulate the bass runs that his father played and was soon learning more complicated scales and songs.

When he grew up he worked for over a decade as a mechanical technician for airplane manufacturer Lockheed Martin even building missile components for a time. Although not a full-time musician, his gritty style earned him invitations to various blues festivals in both California and Florida.

He released his first album in 1997 which was a self produced effort entitled “From The Inside Out”. This album took the blues world by storm and was heralded as a great new release. He then went on to join the band Alligator Family and release the critically acclaimed album “Make It Rain”.

With this blues guitarist’s considerable skill and raw emotion coming through, Michael proves that electric blues is still alive and well.

Top 5 Songs

Fire And Water
Got a Way With Women
Strange Feeling
Empty Promises
Love Disease

Top 3 Albums

Iron Man
Make It Rain
From the Inside Out


Iron Man (Alligator Records, 2008)
I Smell Smoke (Alligator Records, 2003)
Make It Rain (Alligator Records, 2001)
From the Inside Out (Independent, 1999)

Lessons on Blues Guitar

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