Mississippi Blues Riff

Getting pumped for the new blues guitar course that comes out in 2 short weeks!

Our new teacher is blues ace Brooks Hubbert.

Brooks has played and opened for musicians from groups as diverse as Tower of Power, Dick Dale, Steel Pulse, The Pixies, Stevie Wonder, and more…

You’re gonna bonkers for these new lessons. Try the sample today — it’s a slick riff/rhythm that you can use immediately. Of course, when you get the DVDs, you’ll get tabs of everything.

My name is Brooks Hubbert and I’d like to welcome you to my instructional DVD on Guitar Control. We’re going to be going over some of my own personal favorite influential blues guitarists throughout the years focusing on styles of delta and hill country blues. We’re going to bring some other elements to it as well, because in that particular area of Mississippi there are so many different influences that wash-up into that part.

What we’re going to do here is we’re going to set-up just a groove in E and we’re going to bring together some of these techniques. We’re going to have some hammer-on, you’ll have a little bends, then we’re going to get [unintelligible- 00:44]. I’m going to give you a basic idea of what this is going to be like up to speed.

Here, I’m taking this boom, slap and then I hammer-on from the open G to the G sharp here and then hitting an A chord. This particular move, from the A to the E, hammer-on to the 7th like that, it is one of the most important riffs that you’re going to hear in blues. I’m really not exaggerating saying that you can hear it in about 90% of blues songs.
It’s going to be there at some point where you’re going to hear them go… As to the importance, this is a totally usable riff for anyone in almost any blues context.

Bass note, then I hit a little pop with the right hand, then I’m strumming down with the index finger, holding the E minor and hammer-on to the major. Another strum with the A and then I’m hammering back on open G, G sharp.

After the hammer-on for the last time, I’m going to go E, D – so the E, open string, D I’m hitting with my pinky here, because I have this blues 7th chord fretted on the 3rd fret of the B-string.

So let’s do that even slower. I’m hitting open, hammer-on to the D note, 3rd fret. So let’s slow it down even more so we can get each part and then bring them together and then back up to speed.

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