Another badass chord (video)


Believe it or not, I have another video for you today.
I’ve been going nuts with the videos lately but
it’s all good. Hope you’re learning some good stuff.

Today’s video continues on my chord mastery blog
where I show you how cool the “13th” chord sounds
and how you might use it. Check it out:

I have an annoucement on Thursday that is going
to blow your mind, so stay tuned.

By the way, if you already own guitar control,
I promised you a copy of the new course at a huge
discount. That is still coming – I should have
that orderpage ready for you in a few days.
Just been so busy. But I will have it for you very soon!

If you don’t have guitar control yet, please
go ahead and order. You’ll learn tons of
cool stuff like soloing with various scales,
learning how to play from the heart, and
much more.

Rock on , Claude

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