Lead Guitar: Learn this cool guitar lick in the style of Eric Johnson

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It´s a cool lick in the style of Eric Johnson! watch the video and please like us and comment on youtube. Ando also don´t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel!!!

Hey, what’s going on, guys? This is John McClennan
and I’m here today with Guitar Control, bringing
you an awesome modern sounding rock lick you won’t
find anywhere else.

Here we go. E minor and that’s what chord this lick
goes over, and we’re starting way up here on the
12th fret utilizing some pentatonic sounds and also
some bluesier sounds as well. Twelfth and we descend
pentatonic 15th, 12th, 14th. Then we’re going to
move positions to the 10th fret, then to the 7th fret,
then to the 6th, 5th. Those are your bluesy elements,
by the way. And then on down to the 3rd fret, bluesy
again. Ending on the low E note.

So you’ve got two octave range there. Starting on E
and ending on E. Here it is slow. Try and play along
with me. Ready? A cool lick coming off E minor.
So one more time up to speed.

All right, thanks so much for watching.


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