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When you first start playing the guitar, you start learning a few different chord grips, but eventually, you want to make those chords song-like songs. There are a handful of chords that will make it really easy for you to transition from just starting out to playing real songs! The “guitar songs chords,” as we like to call them, are G, C, and D.

We have another article that goes through a step-by-step explanation of how to play each of these guitar chords, so make sure to the check it out. When you learn G, C, and D and feel comfortable moving between each of those chords smoothly, take a look at the following songs that use G, C and D.

“Ring of Fire”
“Ring of Fire” is probably Johnny Cash’s most recognizable song, and after you learn your G, C and D chord grips, you’ll be entertaining your friends and family with this country classic! If Cash’s traditional arrangement doesn’t suit your style or musical tastes, feel free to get creative with it and make a new arrangement! It’s a lot easier than it sounds. This particular song has a relatively fast tempo, so if you’re not comfortable with playing so fast, it might be a good idea to slow the song down. I’ve heard some guitar players play an R&B rendition of this song. The simple chord progression makes it really easy to make this tune your own.

“Sweet Home Alabama”
Don’t let the famous opening lick from Lynyrd Skynrd’s tune “Sweet Home Alabama” scare you away from this classic rock song. This song uses a simple G, C and D progression, and after you learn the little lick from the beginning, you can make this song your own. Like “Ring of Fire,” “Sweet Home Alabama” is one of those songs that everybody knows, so you’ll definitely have help singing along, but that can also start to feel a little stale. Try your hand at making this song your own. What can you do to this song to make it fit the style you like to play? Can you change the genre to fit into a genre that you like to listen to?

Check out this lesson and learn to play SWEET HOME ALABAMA

“Let Her Cry”
When you’re ready to break away from basic G, C, and D chord progressions, try another song that adds a bit more to your repertoire. Hootie and the Blowfish’s ‘90s classic “Let Her Cry” is a great one to start with. It’s basic chord progression for the verse is G, C and D, but the chorus mixes it up a bit and adds Am and Em, two great minor chords that can really take your guitar playing to the next level.

Take a look at these songs and don’t be afraid to make them your own. Playing guitar is more than just learning to play classic songs exactly as they are; put your own spin on them and make them your own! Have fun!

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